Bringing Back Clever: KFC’s New Colonel Campaign

Clever marketing

How important is being clever in your new store’s ads? … [Read more...]

How Programmatic Buying Affects New Store Creative

How Programmatic Buying Affects New Store Creative

Programmatic buying affects not only how media is purchased for your new store's advertising but also the creative product. … [Read more...]

Should You Consider Addressable TV for Your New Store?

Addressable TV is a new way of targeting customers, but availability is limited and cost can be prohibitive. … [Read more...]

Should You Post Your New Store’s TV Commercial Online?

new store commercial

Many national brands are now sharing commercials online before they are scheduled to air in high profile programs like the Super Bowl.  Is this the right move for your new store? … [Read more...]

2 Things to Avoid in Your New Store TV Commercial

grand opening television

Although probably counter to common belief, contemplate these thoughts before you develop a commercial to promote your new store’s grand opening. … [Read more...]

6 New Store Lessons from The Hunger Games

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Twenty-four “tributes” between ages 12 and 18 are chosen at random from the districts of Panem, a totalitarian state in post-apocalyptic North America, to compete in a barbaric fight for survival. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know the premises of The Hunger Games franchise, and there’s a lot about owning a new store that you can learn from The Girl on Fire. … [Read more...]

How Your New Store Can Benefit from Pre-Roll Video

grand opening media plan

Advertise your grand opening with pre-roll video and save. More advertisers are amortizing their television production dollars by repurposing their spots. In fact, some are even, shooting and posting pre-roll video. … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Create a Successful Grand Opening TV Commercial

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Guidelines to help you use television to its fullest potential and generate the awareness necessary for a great new store grand opening. First, let’s talk about the nature of television.   It’s the only medium (if you don’t include digital video) that engages both the audio and visual aspects of your brain.  The combination of the two gives TV the greatest potential for memorability of all the … [Read more...]

2 Tactics for Reaching Multi-tasking Consumers for Your New Store

There is no question that consumers are using multiple devices simultaneously, but good news, there IS a way to use this behavior to your advantage. It is not uncommon for young people to be multi-tasking across five screens; TV, phone, laptop, desktop and either a tablet or some handheld gaming device.  So with this type behavior becoming more and more common among all age groups, how do … [Read more...]

Why Research Should Drive Your New Store’s Media Strategy

grand opening media strategy

The key to improving the ROI of your new store's media campaign is finding the right media vehicles to reach your niche audience. Your new store may have a broad appeal, but it is important to get beyond a generic target audience like “people who eat.”   Research can tell you if your core customers are moms or young men.  Although both targets can use your product or shop at your store, find the … [Read more...]

5 Ways a Director Will Help Improve Your New Store’s TV Spot

First impressions are lasting, so you need a grand opening television commercial to say good things about you, which will require a good director. Your new store needs a brand so customers remember you.  And nothing brands like TV.  A television commercial is not something you should attempt on your own. … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Choose a Broadcast Voice for Your New Store Opening

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How to decide whether your new store should use an audio production house, radio station or online voice-over service for your grand opening message. Maybe you’ve heard about the new trend in online voice-over services.  It’s a different way of creating audio for your new store’s broadcast commercials.  But is it the right way? … [Read more...]

How to Reach Millennials With Your New Store’s Advertising Message

New Store Grand Opening

What research shows about millennials’ advertising preferences is confusing – especially for a new store. If millennials are your new store’s target, then, it would seem important for you to know them.  But is that truly possible?  Given the self-contradictory testimony to follow, one has to wonder if they know themselves.  … [Read more...]

2 Ways Your New Store Can Combat the Competition

2 Ways Your New Store Can Combat the Competition

Tips your new store can learn from the McDonald’s/Taco Bell breakfast war. I don’t have to know what your new store will be selling to predict you will have a rival for your customer base.  A McDonald’s to your Taco Bell.  Or vice versa.  How will you handle that? … [Read more...]

Your New Store’s TV Should Be a Blend of Branding and Call-to-Action

Before developing a television commercial for your new store’s grand opening consider how many of your precious seconds should be dedicated to your brand and a strong call-to-action. There’s a reason advertising agencies refer to TV and radio scripts as “creative.”  There is a level of entertainment value, cleverness, coolness or unexpectedness that is expected by the viewer or listener. … [Read more...]

How to Use Your New Store’s Website to Support Your Grand Opening

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Your website has to have it right before you advertise your grand opening. If your advertising and marketing efforts are working correctly, a customer’s first impression of your new store will probably be from your website. That’s why I advise you to get the messaging right on your website before you gear up for a grand opening. … [Read more...]