Should Your New Store Develop a YouTube Strategy?

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Why TV Ads are Crucial for Brand Awareness

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Is the “Dad-vertising” Trend Right for Your New Store?

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Should You Post Your New Store’s TV Commercial Online?

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How Your New Store Can Benefit from Pre-Roll Video

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4 Tips to Create a Successful Grand Opening TV Commercial

Guidelines to help you use television to its fullest potential and generate the awareness necessary for a great new store grand opening. First, let’s talk about the nature of television.   It’s the only medium (if you don’t include digital video) that engages both the audio and visual aspects of your brain.  The combination of the two gives TV the greatest potential for memorability of all the … [Read more...]

5 Ways a Director Will Help Improve Your New Store’s TV Spot

First impressions are lasting, so you need a grand opening television commercial to say good things about you, which will require a good director. Your new store needs a brand so customers remember you.  And nothing brands like TV.  A television commercial is not something you should attempt on your own. … [Read more...]

Focus Your New Store Advertising on Your Product, Not Yourself

New store grand opening commercials are more successful when they feature the “What,” not the “Who.” Many retailers make the mistake of thinking if they just get in front of the camera and talk about their new store, every one will see how sincere they are – and by association, how trustworthy – and will flock to their grand opening. … [Read more...]

3 Quick Checks for Compelling New Store Creative

You have the location, you have the inventory, you’ve hired and educated employees, and you think you’re all set to open your new store or location. While certainly all those items are incredibly important to success, they may not attract shoppers. Nor will simply posting a banner saying “We’re Open!” Long gone are the days of If you build it, they will come. It is imperative that customers … [Read more...]

8 Strategies for Winning Advertising Awards for Your New Store

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3 Ways to Choose a Broadcast Voice for Your New Store Opening

How to decide whether your new store should use an audio production house, radio station or online voice-over service for your grand opening message. Maybe you’ve heard about the new trend in online voice-over services.  It’s a different way of creating audio for your new store’s broadcast commercials.  But is it the right way? … [Read more...]

2 Ways Your New Store Can Combat the Competition

Tips your new store can learn from the McDonald’s/Taco Bell breakfast war. I don’t have to know what your new store will be selling to predict you will have a rival for your customer base.  A McDonald’s to your Taco Bell.  Or vice versa.  How will you handle that? … [Read more...]

How to Appropriately Sign-Off Your New Store’s Advertising

Properly signing-off your advertising deserves more attention than the after-thought it appears to be given by most new stores. Signing-off your new store’s advertising with a phone number, web address, and a social icon or two or ten has almost become a given in practically every form of advertising today.   … [Read more...]

Your New Store’s TV Should Be a Blend of Branding and Call-to-Action

Before developing a television commercial for your new store’s grand opening consider how many of your precious seconds should be dedicated to your brand and a strong call-to-action. There’s a reason advertising agencies refer to TV and radio scripts as “creative.”  There is a level of entertainment value, cleverness, coolness or unexpectedness that is expected by the viewer or listener. … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Creating Call-to-Action Broadcast Ads for Your New Store

A well-executed item/price commercial can make all the difference in your new store grand opening strategy, as long as you stay true to your brand. Supermarkets do it.  Fast food chains, furniture stores and mattress retailers do it, too.  And, even local auto dealers do it – but sometimes with unintentionally amusing (but often memorable) results.  The hallowed item/price commercial.  … [Read more...]