Rewards Programs: Helpful or Harmful to Your Brand

When every store has a rewards program, is yours more nauseating than nifty to customers? … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Choose a Broadcast Voice for Your New Store Opening

How to decide whether your new store should use an audio production house, radio station or online voice-over service for your grand opening message. Maybe you’ve heard about the new trend in online voice-over services.  It’s a different way of creating audio for your new store’s broadcast commercials.  But is it the right way? … [Read more...]

How to Appropriately Sign-Off Your New Store’s Advertising

Properly signing-off your advertising deserves more attention than the after-thought it appears to be given by most new stores. Signing-off your new store’s advertising with a phone number, web address, and a social icon or two or ten has almost become a given in practically every form of advertising today.   … [Read more...]

Which Radio Spot Length is the Best Fit For Your New Store’s Campaign?

Before finalizing your radio campaign, you need to identify the right commercial length for your message and your new store opening budget. Traditionally advertisers have used :60 spots, but now they are faced with a new question: What radio commercial length will generate the best ROI? … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Creating Call-to-Action Broadcast Ads for Your New Store

A well-executed item/price commercial can make all the difference in your new store grand opening strategy, as long as you stay true to your brand. Supermarkets do it.  Fast food chains, furniture stores and mattress retailers do it, too.  And, even local auto dealers do it – but sometimes with unintentionally amusing (but often memorable) results.  The hallowed item/price commercial.  … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help Select a Voiceover Talent to Represent Your New Store

Choosing the right voice talent for your new store can be a much more complex decision than you ever imagined. As a creative in the advertising business for 30+ years, most of you probably assume one of my more enjoyable tasks would be choosing talent.  Done right, it’s actually a much less glamorous, very time-consuming and much more stressful task than is often depicted in mainstream media. … [Read more...]

How to Define the Target Audience For Your New Store’s Media Campaign

Determining your target audience is an important first step in developing a media campaign to launch your new store. Defining your target audience allows you to segment the general population into the people you are interested in pursuing.  This is the foundation to creating an effective media campaign to promote your new store launch. Understanding your potential consumer can help you determine … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Select a Radio Station for Your New Store Opening

Advertising on the right stations is the key to an effective new store’s grand opening schedule. At first, it may seem like a daunting task to choose where you should invest the media budget for your new store.  At face value, may stations can look the same.  Not every station is the right fit for every business. … [Read more...]

How to Select Effective TRP Levels for Your New Store’s Media Campaign

Follow these guidelines to ensure your new store’s media schedule will meet your campaign goals and effectively reach your target audience.  … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Talent to Represent Your New Store

Choosing the right talent to represent your new store within your marketing materials is an important decision that deserves some serious consideration. I’ve written a few more pointed posts involving testimonials, whether you should star in your own commercials and even the tone to take, but in this post, I deal specifically with choosing the right talent to represent your new store in your … [Read more...]

How to Create Daily Specials to Drive Traffic to Your New Store

Using radio to promote your daily grand opening specials can help you save on production costs while generating the awareness necessary to drive traffic. Product specials and promotions are an important part of any grand opening “celebration.”  You need to give the consumer a reason to stop by your new store and try to your products.  Discounts and giveaways are usually strong motivators. … [Read more...]

Is Internet Radio a Good Fit For Your New Store’s Media Campaign?

As the online music audience continues to grow, you may want to consider including the following tactic to market your new store’s grand opening. According to a 2013 study by Arbitron and Edison Research, 45% of Americans or 120 million people listened to online radio in the last month.  This is up significantly from 15% in 2005. But, it is important to note that online radio, in most cases, is … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Music for Your New Store’s TV or Radio Commercial

Choosing the right music for your new store’s commercial will help make your grand opening message resonate more with your target audience. If you’re going to advertise your upcoming grand opening on radio and television you need some great music to go with the announcer part – or as we say in the industry – a great music “bed” to go under the announcer “read.”  Nothing can handicap a good … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Effectively Using Radio Remotes in Your New Store Opening

Radio remotes can be a great part of your new store's grand opening strategy, but the most effective ones require your involvement. First of all, I have a confession to make. I love a good old-fashioned, well-executed radio remote. As I’ve said in other posts, remotes can be great, cost-effective ways to build excitement around a store launch. … [Read more...]

How to Write an Effective Radio Spot for Your New Store

When introducing your new store, your advertising needs to be simple and direct. Announcing a grand opening in a radio spot is a slightly different exercise than advertising an established brand. … [Read more...]

:30 vs. :60 Radio: Which is More Effective For Your New Store?

30-second radio rates may be a little easier on your grand opening budget, but consider recall and effectiveness before finalizing your new store’s radio strategy. First of all, let’s acknowledge the power of radio when it comes to selling an event.  For whatever reason, the spoken word is magic when it comes to recall.  Maybe, it’s because the spoken word makes a future event seem more real, and … [Read more...]