Making the Most of Your Workday

Time management

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6 Traits of Failing Store Owners

Failing store owners

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Is Success All About Hard Work?


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The Happiness Factor: What Employees Really Need

happy employees

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3 Ways to Fail as a New Store Owner


Abraham Lincoln once said, “My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.” … Continue Reading

3 Key Reasons Your Brand Needs a Mobile App

create an app for your brand

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Is Your Brand Bothersome on Social Media?

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Is Your Brand’s Typeface a Fashion Faux Pas? [Infographic]


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Creating Facebook Ad Content That Converts

content marketing

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6 Tactics to Optimize Your Customer Experience

Digital, Customer Experience

In the next 4 years, 85% of customers' relationships with brands won't include human interaction. … Continue Reading

Five Elements Your Website Needs to Increase Sales


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False Facts May Keep Your Store from Attracting Millennials


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Nurturing Your New Store’s Niche Market

niche target market

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How to Create Unstoppable Email Open Rates

email open rates

Email marketing campaigns remain effective. But improved conversion rates can’t happen if emails aren't opened. … Continue Reading

Is Your New Store Preventing Employee Success?

employee success

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Should Your New Store Develop a YouTube Strategy?


It may seem the more social channels utilized, the greater traffic will be. But is YouTube, the best platform for your store? … Continue Reading