Is Your New Store’s Content Marketing Done Halfway?

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Content creation is just the first step of content marketing, and some new store owners don’t know what comes next.

Most marketers spend hours researching facts, analyzing data and creating content that will grip their target audience and drive them to act. The research and creative processes can be tedious and sometimes daunting. But even after the content is finalized, there’s still more to do. The problem is that some new store owners believe content marketing stops here. To fully execute content creation, the other half of your efforts should be spent sharing and promoting your content. Without promotion, how will anyone know your content exists?

To complete your content marketing process, here are seven ways to promote your content on social media:

Optimize Your Post

Depending on which platform you use, you should utilize all of the customizable posting features available to create strong headlines, relevant images that pique interest and short, compelling content. Every new store is competing to catch the user’s eye, so the more optimized (keyword rich and SEO targeted) your content is, the better chance it has of being found. Using #hashtags that summarize your key points will make your content more discoverable.

Know When to Share

In order to reach as many people as possible, you have to go where your crowd goes and share what your crowd likes. Seems simple. But, you also need to research when your target audience tends to be online and on social media. Different platforms have different peak user times. Learn when your target audience engages on social media and experiment with different posting times.

Keep Titles Catchy

On a food magazine website, they had a contest to find the best banana bread. Once the winner was crowned, the magazine dedicated an entire blog post to the winner’s recipe and how it was created. Which title do you think best promotes the banana bread contest winner: 5 Tips to Make Banana Bread or Award Winning Recipe for Banana Bread That Melts in Your Mouth?

Creating more descriptive titles for your content will grab the attention of your audience and create a more captivating and promotable post.

Share and Share Often

Data shows consistently that content is more effective when you promote it multiple times on social media. Incorporating multiple images and headlines within your content will also encourage your followers to fully engage. Since the majority of users will not see the all of your posts, posting multiple times on social media will ensure your audience has a better chance to see what you have to say.

Ask a lot of Questions

Your existence on social media should be mainly to create a human connection with social media users. When you use social media to communicate, it increases the chances they will engage with you, and in turn, engage with your content. The way users engage with a business’ content is by asking a lot of questions and providing valuable feedback. on social media by asking a question about your content that sparks readers to respond. Better yet, create questions from your headlines to help foster a community connection that results in more effective social media promotion.

Maximize Brand Advocates

Even if your new store has not taken the practical and useful step of employing a brand advocate, you still can. You can also use other employees or partners to promote and share your content. On top of company advocates, there are other tools and resources you can use that make it easy to manage and measure social media, such as Hootsuite, buffer and socialmention. Let these tools help you share, promote and invite others to engage with your content.

Leverage Your Communities

Strength in numbers also comes through online communities and people you support. Leverage those communities to share and promote your content. With more than two million communities on LinkedIn today, a strong force of advocates and supporters exists at your fingertips. Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook also have a vast community of users who are waiting to digest meaningful content that educates and entertains. Become a part of one or several of these communities and let them do the talking.

Social media is one of the most powerful methods of promoting content that is available today; yet, most new stores fail to maximize its full potential. Don’t halfway complete your content marketing responsibilities. Finish what you started by spreading the word about your brand message – and do it over and over again. If you commit to social sharing, you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

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