How to Create Unstoppable Email Open Rates

email open rates

Email marketing campaigns remain effective. But improved conversion rates can’t happen if emails aren’t opened.

Cleaning out your email inbox is a nagging chore dreaded and ignored by a great deal of the 91% of US consumers who still use email daily. And yet, most marketers still don’t realize that, since 2013, email marketing soars past social media platforms Facebook and Twitter when it comes to effectively acquiring customers.

Consumers are 40 times more likely to convert to customers through email marketing campaigns than they are social media. Emails also prompt purchases at least three times as often as social media, and the average customer order is 17% higher from email marketing campaigns.

But, to have dominating conversion rates from email marketing campaigns, your business must focus on open rates first. So, how does your business create subject lines that prompt high open rates?

Here are five tips for using irresistible email subject lines to increase open rates.

Write Long Subject Lines

Research by Get Response found that, of over 375 million emails, messages containing 61 or more characters in the subject line have the highest open rate at 12.38%. This may seem like an error to many marketers who have been trained to believe less is more. Cut the copy; keep it short and simple. Right? Not in this case.

In order to test how long is too long, perform an A/B test on your target audience. Send two identical emails: one with a subject line of 61 characters and one double the length. Find out through this experiment which subject line performs higher for your audience and stick with the best result.

Create Curiosity

Copy Hacker’s Joanna Wiebe used the “open loop” technique in the first email of Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout drip campaign. She included this simple phrase to the subject line of an email: “BOOM! This is how you get traffic… and convert it”

That subject line garnered her an open rate of 102%. That’s not a mistake. The open rate was higher than 100% because users opened the email more than one time.

Here, she reveals knowing secrets to raising traffic, but she doesn’t give away how. Wiebe provided just enough information to keep things interesting; and as a result, people opened the email because they need to “close the loop” in she opened with her subject line.

For stores hoping to increase open rates by modeling this method, restrict the subject line to display a quick teaser of information that provides just enough to persuade subscribers to open. Be careful not to venture into bait-and-switch territory. That’s deceptive. Provide what you promise to convert leads and minimize unsubscribers.

Use Lowercase Letters

Most emails from businesses appear like a newspaper headline – with the first letter of every word capitalized. When relatives, friends and other known contacts send emails, they generally use lowercase letters in the subject line.

Take advantage of this trend by writing your entire subject line in lowercase letters. It will instantly appear more genuine and trustworthy. And, it will also stand out from the competitors.

Send Regularly

It’s easy to get off track when scheduling regular emails to your subscribers and customers. But in order to increase your open rate, it’s important to send emails more frequently.

As soon as someone registers on your website, send them an introductory email. Include the free e-book, white paper or tutorial that lead them to register, and let them know what to expect now that they are a subscriber. Continue to send emails over the next two to six days, as engagement is highest within the first week. Creating a positive first impression forms an eagerness to open your emails. After the first week, send an email roughly every three days to stay top of mind. According to research by LeadPages, 75% of conversions happen in the first three months.

Use a Double Opt-In

The simplest way to create better open results for your email is to use a double-opt in method, which is where a subscriber fills out a form providing some brief personal information to access a part of your website or to receive a content offer. Then, the subscriber will receive an email acknowledging they subscribed and prompting to follow a link to verify the subscription. By creating a process to verify their participation twice, you assure this customer wants to receive correspondence from you. According to MailChimp, businesses with a double opt-in generally see a 72.2% increase in unique opens and 75.6% in total opens.

Don’t completely abandon your social strategy, but push your efforts toward heavily targeted email campaigns that compel users to open and, ultimately, convert. Even though your subscribers may be bogged down with growing email inboxes, your brand’s email can be one that captures their attention and sparks an interest to open, click and convert.

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