How to Create an Effective Email Invitation for Your New Store Opening

With the right execution, email can be the most cost effective way to draw customers to your new store opening.

Take a look at how you receive e-mail in your inbox.  The first thing you see is the name of the sender – if the name isn’t instantly recognizable, your eye goes to the subject line for more information.   At this point, based on what the subject line says, you decide to open, or punt.

The subject line needs to tease the reader – meaning, you shouldn’t give away the main message, there.   Give them just enough to get them to click on the e-mail.  So, in the case of a grand opening, this might be just enough:  Have a drink on us.  The message alludes to an event and is a little more dignified than saying “Free Stuff.”

Once they’ve opened the e-mail, you might have a headline like this:

There’s a new kid on the block. So, come over and play.

And a subhead like this:

Grand Opening (Your store’s name), (Date) (Time)

In the body copy that would follow, you would elaborate on the benefits of coming to the opening: refreshments, hors d’oeuvres, live music, product demos, free or discounted product, etc.

Another tactic to try when composing the subject line: use it as a set up for a joke, i.e. tease with humor.  So, if for instance your new store sells socks, your subject line might say, “Wear your favorite pair and win.”

When you open the e-mail, a headline and subhead like the following could pay off (explain) the thought.


Wear your favorite pair of socks and win.


The Super Socks Store Grand Opening, (Date) (Time)

The copy would go on to explain the person with the most interesting pair of socks at the grand opening, wins six pairs of socks of their choice from the store’s inventory as their prize.

Format.  Font.  Imagery.

I recommend you use an email service like MailChimp or Constant Contact to help you format your email invitation.  These services have a number of templates that will simplify the layout and design process.

Email is Cheap and Powerful

The thing about e-mail…  Everybody looks at it.  Today’s professionals are trained to read their email top to bottom and to respond quickly.  In many ways, an email message is a more powerful form of communication than an actual conversation.  It is a permanent, written record, which gives it authority.  Use the authority of email to your new store’s advantage and power up your grand opening.

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