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When we help clients open a new store, it’s still amazing to see how our past experiences really have helped shape and refine our collective expertise, in maximizing the inherent marketing opportunity of a grand opening.

If you have specific questions, beyond what we’re addressing here, just ask.

We’re always glad to share what we know.

A little more about Scott …

New Store LaunchFor more than 22 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the launch or extension of countless brands.  Regardless of the business sector I’m consulting – from banks to hospitals, and from grocery stores to restaurants – a company’s physical expansion represents a huge marketing opportunity.  And, I’ve been helping companies with their “Grand Openings” or “Grand Remodels” (either directly or indirectly), since the very beginning of my career.

My first three jobs included working at both commercial and public radio stations.  That was before the days of the compact disc – back when we talked about our favorite artist releasing their latest “album” on vinyl (not on iTunes).  I learned to talk over song intros. I learned to read (live sponsorship billboards) and I learned to write (radio newscasts).

Ironically, my earliest experience with helping open new stores was on the radio.  I was one of the on-air personalities who, either through live announcements or mentions in local newscasts, actually invited the public to a company’s grand opening.

My next career move was in corporate health care.  I was trained as a public relations assistant at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY.  I wrote articles for the hospital’s various internal and external publications – including the promotion of new facilities, ribbon cuttings, etc.  And, in addition to my role as one of the hospital’s liaisons with the local media, I gained invaluable event implementation experience as the Assistant Race Director for the hospital’s largest fundraising event, the “A Midsummer Night’s Run” (a 5K family walk/run).

In the early 1990’s, I moved to Louisville, KY, and put my public relations experience to work for clients like General Electric Appliances and PPG Porter Paints, as part of the team at Sheehy, Knopf & Shaver (SK&S), a regional advertising agency.

Within six months, I had gravitated to the marketing and advertising side of the business, and my hands-on experience in the retail sector officially began.  I helped develop point-of-sale materials for one of the largest divisions of The Kroger Company, as well as brands like Quest (one of the Midwest’s early ATM networks).

Since then, I’ve worked with banks, hospitals, non-profit organizations and countless retailers (including The Kroger Company, on a national basis) to help promote the expansion of their trade areas.  In fact, I’ve been a part of well over 100 grand openings for numerous brands.

Today, SK&S is called Sheehy.  And, I’m no longer an account executive. I’m the Chairman/CEO.

When I’m not working with clients, I love to spend time with my family – baiting fishing hooks, biking, hiking, camping and getting lots of help with anything related to an open flame. Like most parents, my wife and I are watching our kids grow up way too fast. But, we love seeing the world through their eyes (and interpreted by their own experiences).  Ah, the circle of life.


And, a little more about Dave …

New Store LaunchI am the President/Creative Director at Sheehy.  After more than 25 years in the advertising industry, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done with regard to advertising new store openings within most any business segment on a local, regional or national level.  I truly relish the unique opportunities that accompany every client with which we partner.

I began my advertising career in Cincinnati, OH, at Young & Rubicam/Sive.  There, I spent the first 8 years of my career on a well-rounded roster of brands, that included CompuServe, Kahn’s, King’s Island, Cincinnati Ballet, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana, Indiana National Bank and, my personal favorite, Skyline Chili.

During my time at Y&R/Sive, I was involved in every aspect of national, regional and local product launches, re-launches and, of course, new store openings for Skyline.  As a result, I still frequent my local Skyline for a 4-way and a cheese coney on an almost weekly basis.

Next, I spent nearly 3 years at Creative Alliance (CA) in Louisville, where I built on and expanded my expertise in just about every brand category I had worked previously, plus a few new ones.  My clients at CA included KFC, Alliant Healthcare (now Norton) and Kentucky Tourism. Once again, product, product line and new store launches were a big part of my responsibilities.

My gig the last 19 years has been at Sheehy.  Here, I have overseen our creative work for The Kroger Company, General Electric, Woodmen of the World, Baptist Hospital East and Central Bank, as well as several additional local and regional hospitals and banks.

At Sheehy, I’ve also creatively overseen product and online store launches for Happy Feet Slippers and Pepperdinkle & Pals Toys.  In addition, my work with Kroger has included leading our creation and execution of marketing materials for countless local store grand openings.

In my free time, you will usually find me outdoors (working off the Skyline Chili), running, biking, backpacking and/or mountaineering.  I also coach high school track and cross country at St. Xavier High School.