3 Reasons Not to Put a “Help Wanted” Sign in Your New Store’s Window

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Are you sending silent messages that will tarnish your new store’s brand?

It all comes down to branding.  Every message you put up, or place, or run about your new store, contributes to its overall image in your customers’ eyes.  The store itself, is ground zero for your brand, design and messaging, and should be treated as hallowed ground.  Nothing but the most pure design and messaging should grace the windows, doors and walls.

In this author’s opinion, “To put a NOW HIRING or HELP WANTED sign in the front window or on the door of your new store in letters so big you can see them from outer space is equivalent to sitting out in front of your store with a hat begging for money. To post a NOW HIRING/HELP WANTED sign in your new store’s front window is to invite the wrath of the gods of taste, class and composure. And trust me, you don’t want to be the recipient of their wrath.

SILENT vs OVERT Messages

I’ve really started to notice how many small businesses post “NOW HIRING” or “HELP WANTED” banners and signs in front of their stores.  The managers of these stores realize the overt message they’re sending, but not the silent ones.

So what are those silent messages?

1.  We’re understaffed

“We need someone fast because we’re understaffed and our customers are getting grouchy about the long waits.  Also, the other employees are threatening to quit because they’re being overworked.”

Sound like an environment you’d want to visit?

2.  We’re poorly managed

“I suck as a manager, and I have no leads to help me replace the employee who has left.  Therefore, I must blurt out my need to the whole world – “Help Me!  Somebody!  Anybody.”

3.  It’s a bad place to work

“People are leaving in droves because they hate working here.

Two quit at the same time yesterday.  I’ve got to get somebody else in here fast.  Someone with a pulse will do.”

You get the idea.  So, do the right thing and just say no to HELP WANTED signs in the window.  Instead, spread the word through contacts, facebook, run a small ad in the paper or online, or place a subtle, tastefully designed table tent asking for applications on the counter at checkout.

You may very well be desperate for help, but that’s the last thing you want your customer to know.

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  1. No need for help wanted signs in this day and age. When I needed help, I posted an ad online for free and had someone hired within a few days.

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